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Awhile back, I was in a music store and laid my eyes on the most beautiful Ovation Legend I had ever seen. It could have been the Cadillac Greenburst color that captivated me at first. After lusting for a moment, I just had to try it out. So I plugged into a Trace Elliot stereo amp and found myself thinking of nothing else for a week, until I returned with purchasing that beauty in mind.

Putting some gear on consignment, I was allowed to put the guitar on hold until I came up with enough cash. It sure was a tough two months of waiting and wanting so badly.

At last, the day arrived when I went to pick up my new baby. A free strap was thrown in and away I went. Upon my arriving at home, I put on the strap and began what I was so looking forward to do for a long-time…rocking out.

My initial reaction honestly was: YUCK!! 
While trying it out in the music store, I had my right foot propped up on a stool and didn't realize that the round back would be so problematic, particularly in the standing position. Now using a strap, it was a different beast all together.

My dream was crushed by the uncomfortable and unstable, sliding, twisting, and turning. So my wheels started turning and Voila’; a "Standing Ovation" was born.





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