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“The Standing Ovation makes playing an Ovation on stage more comfortable and by eliminating the slipping problem caused by the shape of the guitar, I play better”.
(Craig from Albuquerque, NM)

"This is a simple, yet very ingenious way to improve the ergos on my Ovation. It corrects the only complaint I had about my Ovation guitar."
(Scott from Kennewick, WA )

"I think your product is great and would not want to be without it. The best thing that ever happened to Ovation! Excellent service!“ (Dan from Hobe Sound, FL) (Purchased 3)

"A Standing Ovation has made playing an Ovation much more comfortable and it continues to serve me well. Thank you to whomever invented it. They work great.”
(Pastor Bill from Hoquiam, WA) (Purchased 2)

"What an incredible product; A MUST have. Anyone who plays an Ovation guitar should definitely try this out. Guaranteed they won't be sorry. Wish I had it years ago. THANK YOU SO MUCH! “
(Liz from Brownfield ME) (Purchased 2)

"Your product is GREAT. It really makes a difference when playing, whether I'm standing or sitting. The comfort level goes through the roof. It's really helped me get used to that round backed beauty."
(Stephen from Pembroke, GA)

"This thing is awesome!"
(Kim from Woodstock, IL)

"Killer invention- I hope you have this patented! Super fast ship!"
(Stratt-Man from Hot Springs, AR)

"A cool accessory that WORKS!!!! Fast shipping, too!"
(Gary from Winterport, ME)

"It does just as it said it would. Highly recommended for Ovation owners."
(Peter from Reno, NV)

"Very clever idea. Works perfectly."
(Keith from the United Kingdom)

"Finally, something perfect, awesome product, fast, fast delivery."
(Michael from Abilene, TX)





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